Свежие выпуски газеты АКАДЕМ городок

Bachelor's and Master's programs

Bachelor's programs

Performing arts (music, choreography, theatre)

  • Variety orchestra instruments
  • Variety and Jazz vocal singing
  • Piano
  • Orchestral string instruments
  • Orchestral wind instruments and the drums (percussions)
  • Bayan, accordion and string pizzicato musical instruments
  • Academic singing
  • Folk instruments orchestra conducting
  • Academic choir conducting
  • Music pedagogy
  • Computing music and arrangement
  • Art of dancing
  • Dance group directing
  • Directing of theatrical mass-scale shows and festivals
  • Theatre directing and the art of acting

Visual arts (cinema, design, crafts)

  • Direction of the film-, TV- and video creative activities studio
  • Design
  • Applied arts and folk arts and crafts
  • Direction of applied arts studio

Creation of social-cultural projects

  • Management of the social-cultural activity
  • Directing and producing of leisure programs
  • Direction of ethno-cultural center
  • Document support of management
  • History-cultural tourism
  • Museum activity and project development in historical and cultural legacy sphere
  • Information and library service
  • Document processes and systems in digital environment

Master's programs

  • Musical pedagogy
  • Dance group direction
  • Design communication
  • Management and educational activities in artistic creation work
  • Social-cultural activity
  • Management and educational activities in ethno-cultural sphere
  • Library-information activities

Preparatory department

  • Preparation to professional educational programs learning in Russian

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